In 1976, the year of birth of Fabio, grandpa Valentino Casonato started a wine enterprise producing and selling wine on tap at Ormelle (TV).

Champagna was the premium wine at the time, a traditional Trevigiano white wine, made with Mazermino grape variety, still in production today, along with Pinot Grigio and Raboso. During the 80’s papa Guido augmented and diversified the production adding Cabernet and Merlot. It is the third-generation heir, Fabio, who adapted the production to the changing trends of the market, towards the ends of the 90’s, and envisioned future developments. On the brink of the new millennium it was decided to start the production of bottled wine under our own label Guido Casonato, depicting a capital, the historic landmark which stands at the entrance of the estate.


In the same period, subsequent to the acquisition of other parcels of land, the vineyard started to grow Glera and the production of Prosecco.

In 2015, guided by the winemakers’ ancestral tradition to constantly improve their product, Guido and Fabio added to their offering a traditional local blend: the incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13, that will be bottled this spring. It is our newest premium wine, born from the passion that distinguished the Casonatos.

From the grape variety Raboso, still grown according to the Belussi method, we created Rivale, a racy and crisp, partially fermented ‘must’.

The Casonatos








Details of the "votive aedicula" standing in front of factory and symbol of the historical label "Guido Casonato"

The "Granma" of the Casonatos, with her jewels : the little granddaugthers  Angelica and Ingrid, from the fusion of their names originates the company brand Vigna Angri.