Veneto IGT

Cabernet is a classic Italian red wine of French origin; it has become a staple in Veneto since the last century, and it now belongs to the Italian enology in its own right. Our product enjoys very distinctive organoleptic characteristics typical of Cabernet, particularly with respect to its unmistakable bouquet and aftertaste. Cabernet gets bottled a year after it’s harvested and yet improves while in the bottle. Even enjoyed young it displays all its power without being too complicated in the mouth.

Alcohol 12%

Color: ruby red


It’s a classical wine to pair with meat, from grilled steaks to elaborate poultry or game dishes. It is widely offered for social drinking – the classic ombra and it may be paired with cicheti, small appetizers. Aged or flavorful cheese will go well with its dry and full bodied taste.

Serve at 64-68 F, opening the bottle in advance to aerate the product.