The memorable 6.0.13 of prof. Manzoni

Crown jewel produced in the Mark of Treviso is one of the most famous clones optimized in the 30’s by professor Manzoni at the Conegliano Enological Institute. It is a hybrid created with white Pinot and Rhone Riesling. The grape adapts to different climates and soils. Vigna Angri grows it in loose, fresh and fertile fields, that yield a very refined and aromatic grape. For that reason, the wine has an acidic taste and a characteristic, quite complex aroma, due to the richness of its notes. Its taste stays mellow and lingers on the palate.

Alcohol 13%

Color: straw yellow


Its extraordinary elegance of fragrances makes it ideal to be paired with delicate dishes, like vegetable cream soups and cheeses. It’s pairing is especially interesting with shellfish, crustaceans and other raw fish. When pairing with cheeses one must consider its acidity. It marries well with white meat, especially rabbit prepared with a clear sauce. Exceptional alone, it can be served with appetizers, as well.

Serve at 46- 50 – 54 F, based on season and pairing.