Sweet partially fermented must


This new product is the result of Vigna Angri’s desire to innovate and experiment. It gets labelled dolce because technically it is a partially fermented must, produced using red grapes, with a low alcohol and a high sugar level. As the wire cage is removed and the cork popped, Rivale expresses its liveliness and its persistent fragrance of blackberry and cherry. Its name derives from a regional play on words because rivale is the typical way grape is grown in rows in the area where it is produced.

Alcohol 8%

Color ruby red


it is a light and cheerful beverage that reminds us of holidays, sweets, cookies and cakes. It can also be enjoyed by those who prefer a beverage with low alcohol. It can, indeed, be mixed to prepare cocktails and drinks.

Serve at 46 – 50 F   to mitigate its sweetness. At 57 F it shows it character at its best.