Traditional native grape from Treviso

A typical unmistakable wine from Piave, rabose is a Veneto original grape variety. It is one on the few which survived the phylloxera invasion that destroyed European viticulture at the beginning of the 20th century. A symbol of the March of Treviso, it has always been the bottle opened by the master of the house to enliven filò, the occasional chit-chat, or to greet his guests, or to end a meal. It has a distinguished cherry flavor, with a bite from the rich tannic finish, while young, but it becomes well balanced when it matures. It should not be confused with the Raboso from Verona. 2015 production presents a lighter structure, with a remarkable vivacity, detectable as soon as it is uncorked.

Alcohol 11%

Color: ruby red


Its character and tannic finish can be paired with red meat and game. It creates a good contrast with rich sauces, braised meat and with scorzet or musetto, a typical cotechino sausage from Veneto. It also a good match for salumi, cured cold cuts, and hard cheese. It is, however, a good choice for occasional social drinking, as well.

Serve at 57-60 F