Veneto IGT

This wine is produced using only Merlot grape, imported from France more than a century ago. Since then it gained a wide diffusion throughout the peninsula. It can be found from Sicily to Lazio, from Tuscany to Emilia; it is, however, in Veneto and in Friuli where it found its best environment to thrive. Our Merlot shows the particular nature of Veneto’s eastern plains. It is bottled one year after it is harvested. It is the classic easy drinking humble wine that can be enjoyed young. It is indeed well-proportioned and it is the wine of choice by those who don’t like full bodied reds.

Alcohol 12%

Color: ruby red


its simplicity makes it suitable for the table, paired with soups and pasta.

It loves tomato sauce and it goes interestingly well with the traditional baccala alla vicentina con polenta – dried salted cod with cornmeal. Its moderate tannin makes it possible (served a bit colder) to pair it to cioppino/ Manhattan style chowder or fried fish. It pairs well with soft young cheese, with caciotta, and other not too aged cheeses. Its versatility also makes it a good wine for social drinking.

Serve at 57, 61, 68 F, in accordance to pairing and season.