Treviso Denominazione di Origine Controllata

The grape Glera, well known since 1700, as found in Italian Chronicles, is the major component of Prosecco that, starting in 2009 is acknowledged even if produced beyond the traditional geographical area Valdobbiene-Conegliano. This prosecco gained the D.O.C. certification because it keeps its particular specifications, well known by Prosecco connoisseurs. Prosecco frizzante has always been the bottle of choice to share a glass in good company, especially during the day. Its vivacious character, its simple and acidic taste, its low alcohol, make it ideal to be enjoyed while waiting for a meal to be served, when the wine might be substituted to better pair it with the different courses offered during the meal itself. Prosecco Villa Angri must be enjoyed young, while it gives a long-lasting fruity taste introduced by its aroma as soon as it is uncorked.

Alcohol 11%

Color: straw yellow


Social wine, good as aperitif; just like all light fizzy acidic whites, it can be served during a meal. It pairs well with typical local salumi and cheeses produced around Treviso. Good with light risottos, asparagus and delicate fish. It can also be served with sweets and desserts and after dinner to accompany the evening.

Serve at 46, 50, 54 F, depending on its use.