Veneto IGT

This wine is produced using Pinot grape, also known with the German name Rulander, while in Hungary is called Szürkebarat. It is usually produced as white, while leaving the skin on the grapes allows the wine to acquire that typical yellow/pinkish hue which gives it the name Pinot Grigio to distinguish it from the Pinot Noir, probably the original one. Distinctive characteristic is also its very sweet must. The Pinot Grigio produced at Vigna Angri gets appreciated also for its elegant bouquet, with a hint of dry hey aroma. It should be enjoyed very young, to fully appreciate its aroma and its delicate balance.

Alcohol 12%

Color: straw yellow


used as aperitif or to match delicate appetizers. Exceptional with fish, however, it prefers crustaceans, shellfish, white sauces, light fish soups and flash fried fish. It is very good also with crudités (raw vegetables or raw fish). Interesting is its pairing with asparagus and eggs, and it is also a good match for Italian risottos.

Serve between 50-54 F.